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Artist Statement


As an artist, I am fascinated with the movement that is created when I am painting and all that occurs physically and emotionally. I attempt to capture this visually as moments in time. Through this process, I discovered that organic shapes and floral landscapes lend themselves well as expressions of gesture and offer visual metaphors of emotions.


The flower's lifecycle is rapid, elusive, and whimsical. My artwork strives to express energy, tension, and dynamic beauty that captures the fleeting and powerful moments of the flowers bloom. In so doing, I attempt to grab the viewer’s attention and carry their gaze into the emotion of the painting. ​

Artist Process

My intuitive sensibility and gestural aesthetics are heavily influenced by a raw dynamic painting style. When I am involved in the act of painting I often do not look at the image I am creating; instead, I am engaged in the process, the colours, the expressive marks, and the humbling physicality of painting. I want to be fully immersed and not influenced by my conscious.


It is important that there is a transference of energy, tension, and movement of paint onto the canvas that is deeply personal to my expression and communication as an artist. I experience a subtle interplay between conscious thought and turning off all the noise in my head. This is challenging and pushes boundaries...the hardest part is to "not look" yet "see the feeling" and allow the paint to tell the story.

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